Check out the list below for all of this years dates

CPPS Dates

Round 1 - 18th - 19th March

Round 2 - 29th -30th April

Round 3 - 17th - 18th June

Round 4 - 5th - 6th August

Round 5 - 9th - 10th September

Address: Rodbaston College, Rodbaston Drive, Penkridge ST19 5PH
Dates shown are for Saturday and Sunday's events.

Division 5, Break-Out and Break in will play the saturday, on site ready for first games at 8am

Meanwhilst Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4 and Elite will play on Sunday with on site ready for 8am start

Hotel: Mercure Penkridge

Address:  Pinfold Ln, Penkridge, Stafford ST19 5QP 
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Millenium Series Dates

Round 1 - 25th -26th March (France)

Round 2 - 13th - 14th May (Germany)

Round 3 - 1st - 2nd July (UK)

Round 4 - 16th - 17th September (France)

Each round teams who are travelling for the event will organise there travel and accomodation. 
Unlike CPPS each round is held in a different country so no fixed address to give you, but your team captains will provide you with all the info you need nearer to the event. 

Dates shown are Saturdays and Sundays but most likely we will be travelling out on the Friday night. 

Millienium events run over two days and each team/player will need to be able to make both dates.

​(Southern Paintball League)

Round 1 - 5th March

Round 2 - 16th April

Round 3 - 21st May

Round 4 - 4th June

Round 5 - 16th July

Round 6 - 1st November

Address: Bricketwood Pro Training Center,  Lye Ln, Bricket Wood, St Albans AL2 3TF
All rounds of the SPL fall on a Sunday, if your playing the Race to 2 event in the morning be on site ready for 7:30am. First games usually start around 8:15am.

If you are playing the 5 Man Event in the afternoon, get to site for around 11:30 as the race format can vary due to the number of points being played throughout the morning.