SPL & Winter Series Champions!

Thunderducks Orange managed to pull off the double at Bricketwood Training Center this year! 

They bagged the 1st Place Prize for both the SPL and the Winter Series as overall champions in both series and they coudlnt be pouder. To pull off both trophies was a lot of work throughout the entire year and meant there was NO off season for them.

But they were grinding hard all year round and now they're reaping the benefits of this field time.

Congratulations guys! 
Meet the Teams
!We play for fun
If your looking for a team that is trying to compete at the top level of the game, or just a social baller looking for somewhere to fit in.......our philisophy is "If you aren't enjoying it, whats the point?". So for a awesome days balling and some great company get over to contact us and drop us a message.
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  1. Ages 12 and up
    Due the large number of players throughout our squads we have the pleasure of being able to present out very first and very promising kids team! The Thunder Ducks Kids are our newest teams and consist of youngest players. With the wealth of experience and gun skills the rest of the team has, we're hoping to be able to give our kids the best start to the tournament circuit and a safe place to enjoy to sport.
  2. All abilities welcome
    Weather your an experienced tournament player, walk on enthusiast of never played before we are always happy to welcome you to our world of paintball and try to help you grow as player.
  3. Our Events
    As the "London Thunderducks" we currently have ourselves entered into the CPPS, Millenium, SPL, Winter Series and Woodland Masters. If any of these events interest you and your looking for team. Please pop us a message on here, facebook or to our e-mail; Londonthunderducks@gmail.com
  4. Team Spirit
    The team is know for turning up big loud and in style. If you didn't know who the Thunderducks were before a tournament, you won't be able to miss us now. We are all truly good friends even with the growing squad every single person is so easy to get a long with and prepared to give the 110% for the guy next to them.